The best ways to enlarge a man's penis

The result of penis enlargement will surprise your woman

If a man is not satisfied with the size of his reproductive organ, then he should not despair, because many effective methods have been developed to deal with this problem. We have collected the most popular methods of penis enlargement, consider their main features.

Normal penis size according to age

The penis is called manhood for a reason. The size of the penis very often affects a man's self-esteem and his confidence in his sexual abilities in front of a woman, masculinity. The small size of the phallus can cause serious psychological discomfort and eventually develop into an inferiority complex.

However, many men exaggerate the problem and underestimate the size of their penis. While the following indicators are considered the norm:

Age erection member Resting
14-15 years From 11cm From 7cm
16-18 years From 13cm From 9cm
19 and over From 14cm From 10cm

If the size of the penis is smaller than the above data and the man is seriously worried about this problem, then maybe he should think about enlarging the penis.

Is it possible to enlarge a penis?

Enlarging a member is quite real. In addition, a large number of methods have been developed that really help. Can be:

  • invasive (with penetration through the skin, eg surgery);
  • minimally invasive (minimal intervention on the body and the trauma of the procedure, for example, injections);
  • non-invasive techniques (non-surgical method of penis enlargement, for example, the use of devices, etc. ).

One method may require more than a month of effort, the other will have a noticeable result in the first few days. Which method to choose is up to the man to decide, but he must first deal with the existing options for penis enlargement.

Magnification Indications

The main indication is a man's desire to enlarge the penis. This need arises in the following cases:

  • penis of small size by nature;
  • desire to satisfy a sexual partner;
  • a man's desire to increase self-esteem;
  • penile dysmorphophobia;
  • erectile dysfunction due to psychological problems: embarrassment, embarrassment, lack of confidence in their abilities before having sex;
  • congenital developmental abnormalities;
  • acquired deformities due to injuries, etc.

enlargement of the head of the penis

If a man is only concerned about the size or shape of the penis head, there are methods that help solve the problem quickly and effectively. The most effective are invasive and minimally invasive procedures.

Surgical intervention helps to increase the head of the penis in a short time and maintain the effect for a long time. Popular operations:

  1. Frenulotomy - frenuloplasty. Provides correction of the vertical fold of the foreskin, helps to open the head. It is performed by radio waves, surgical and laser methods.
  2. Circumcision is a procedure to remove the foreskin of the penis. Help to expose the head, keep the effect forever.

Among the minimally invasive procedures, injections of hyaluronic acid, lipofilling (the patient's fat is used) are common. Such manipulations are effective and help to achieve a pronounced visual effect on the day of the procedure. But they have a drawback - the result is short-lived, it lasts from 6 to 18 months.

Increase the thickness of the penis.

If a man is satisfied with the length of the penis, but not the volume, then this problem can be solved with the help of phalloplasty. Currently, patients who want to increase the thickness of the penis are offered several main options for surgical correction:

  • Transplantation of a small section of the rectus abdominis muscle (the muscle's blood supply is preserved, so the probability of postoperative complications is low. The procedure is traumatic for the patient, since after it a restriction of activity is required physical for six months).
  • Implantation of adipose tissue (a good cosmetic result, but over time, 70% of the tissue undergoes lysis, that is, dissolution).
  • Transplantation of a vascularized area of the fascia of the superficial pectoral muscle (the most common, because the effect is long, the graft is plastic, therefore, it facilitates modeling the required shape).

If a man is not ready for a radical solution to the problem, then less traumatic and safer methods are suitable, for example, the same hyaluronic acid injections, lipofilling. He can also regularly engage in penis enlargement exercises, perform genital massage, use various devices (extenders, pumps, stretchers, etc. ) and special accessories.

medical augmentation

The drug method of penis enlargement involves the use of hormonal drugs. According to doctors, they contribute to the growth of the genital organs. However, you cannot assign them to yourself, because. these drugs, if used incorrectly (for example, with an excessive daily dose or a prolonged period of treatment), can cause serious complications (dysfunction of the adrenal gland, hormonal failure, etc. ).

In order for the development of the genitals to proceed according to the norm, without delay, the representatives of the stronger sex need regular production of gonadotropin and testosterone.

In the treatment of hormonal drugs, tablets and injections containing growth hormone are used.

Creams, gels, ointments, sprays

Various penis enlargement creams are often used in combination with other methods. They serve more as an auxiliary route. Its principle of action is to stimulate blood flow in the tissues of the penis, due to the heating and stimulating effect. As a result, they:

  • painlessly increase the penis due to the flow of blood to the penis;
  • improve potency and sexual desire;
  • increase the sensitivity of the genital organs;
  • eliminate congestion in the pelvic organs;
  • serve as an excellent prevention of urological diseases, for example, inflammation of the prostate, etc. ;
  • remove dry mucous membranes, some gels and creams can be used as a lubricant.


Various nutritional supplements are also popular. Dietary supplements in the form of capsules, tablets, often have a natural composition of valuable natural ingredients. They saturate the body with essential vitamins and minerals, creating favorable conditions for the normal growth of the penis.

hyaluronic acid for enlargement

Hyaluronic acid is an important structural component of the skin. It fills the intercellular space and protects cells from damage. Fully biocompatible with the human body. With the help of dense gels based on hyaluronic acid, the shape and size of the penis can be modeled. The effect is good, but temporary. The gel is absorbed, so after six months or a year, repeated injections are required.

penis enlargement surgery

Many techniques have been developed for the plastic enlargement of the penis. Surgical intervention gives a 100% result, but it has its drawbacks.


This penis enlargement surgery does not involve the insertion of biological or synthetic implants into the penis or the administration of various substances to enlarge the penis (such as silicone, fat or hyaluronic acid).

The operation consists of freeing the hidden part of the penis, which is located below the pubic area. This is done through the intersection of the supporting ligament, which fixes the penis to the pelvic bones. Subsequently, the patient is required to wear an extender (it is this device that will stretch the hidden member, so the result is not immediately noticeable, somewhere in 3-6 months).

Such plastic surgery of the penis does not affect the thickness of the organ and its appearance. Lengthens the penis 3 to 5 cm from its original length. Many men fear erection problems after surgery. However, the technique of the operation does not involve affecting the ligaments and vessels that are responsible for lifting in a man.


This procedure involves the subcutaneous injection of the patient's own adipose tissue into the penis. The latter is obtained by liposuction of the abdomen, thighs or lower back. Such an operation eliminates the likelihood of inflammatory-allergic reactions, rejection of the filler. It is considered relatively safe and well tolerated by patients.

But the injected adipose tissue tends to be reabsorbed, because. in the new area there are no boats that previously fed it. The filler dissolution process occurs at a different rate for each patient, so repeat injections may be required after 6 to 24 months. Also, the shape of the penis can be deformed due to the irregularity of the fat layer. The procedure is more aimed at thickening the penis, rather than lengthening it. It allows you to achieve good results ≈ 1, 5-2, 5 cm wide.

Other types of operations

Penile prosthesis is another popular operation, the aim of which is to provide the patient with a prosthesis capable of erection. It is performed in cases where other treatment cannot restore potency. It is often done after serious injuries, malignant and benign tumors of impressive size, damage to nerve fibers, due to a serious violation of the blood supply to the penis, as well as when changing sex.

Prosthetics can be:

  • rigid - practically not used, tk. due to the padding, the penis is in tension;
  • plastic: keep the position attached to the penis;
  • inflatables - allow you to simulate a different physiological state of the phallus, they are the most popular.
Silicone prosthesis for penis enlargement and complete erection

If there is a curvature of the penis, a corporoplasty is performed. There are several methods to do it:

  1. plication technique. It is carried out if the angle of curvature of the penis does not exceed 45 °, there are no problems with the erection. It consists of shortening the penis on the longest side by means of sutures. If the penis is small, the operation is performed together with the ligamentotomy.
  2. Patchwork technique. It is effective for complex deformations, eg "bottleneck", "hourglass". It involves the use of transplant material.

increase at home

You can enlarge your penis at home. Folk recipes, exercises, various stretching devices are very popular.


Sometimes men practice penis enlargement with soft drinks. Soda ash is used for these purposes in several variations:

  1. For bathtubs. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda in 1 liter of warm water. Put the penis in a soda bath for 10 minutes. Additionally, decoctions and extracts of plants that improve blood circulation can be added: oak bark, hypericum, succession, chamomile, etc.
  2. As an exfoliant. Recipe: mix liquid honey and soda in equal proportions and apply to the wet penis with caressing massage movements. Wash immediately if discomfort occurs.

The effect of penis enlargement is possible due to the influx of blood to the organ. The result will be short-term, so you can use this method as an aid and no more than 2 times a week.

Exercises to enlarge the penis

There are many exercises to enlarge the penis: Taoist method, stretching, bell, bending, Aaron Kemmer's exercise system, Kegel exercises, etc.

If the training is done regularly (preferably every day for at least 10-15 minutes), impressive results can be achieved - expanding and lengthening the penis by 1-2 cm in 2 months. The result depends on the individual characteristics of the male body, the intensity of the exercises and the time interval during which they are performed.

In addition to penis enlargement, these exercises help improve microcirculation, the condition of blood vessels, remove congestion, increase local immunity.

Pump and hydropump

The pump and the hydraulic pump work on a similar principle. The design of these devices includes:

  • a flask with a valve for pumping air (in the case of a pump) or water (in the case of a hydropump);
  • elastic corrugation, which provides a snug fit and greater suction power.

To enlarge a penis with a pump, a man will need to place his penis in a flask and pump the air out. This can be done using a special pear (if the model provides for its presence) or simply firmly attach the device to the pubis. Thus, a vacuum is created inside the flask, due to which the penis is stretched. The pressure in the devices can be adjusted.

The difference between a hydro pump and a pump is that the stretching of the penis is not done by vacuum, but by hydromassage. That is, a man will need to pour water into the flask, then place his penis in it and pump out the excess water.

When using such devices, it is very important to find the optimal pressure that provides good tissue tension, but at the same time does not cause discomfort - pain, burning, numbness, tingling. It is recommended to start classes with low pressure and gradually increase it so that the penile tissues have time to adapt.

The process of penis enlargement with a vacuum pump.


In order to quickly increase the penis without surgery, exhausting exercises and wearing devices, you can use special nozzles. They are used immediately before sexual intercourse on an erect penis, respectively, they do not affect its anatomical features in any way.

These products are suitable for those who want:

  • compensate for the natural dimensions of the penis;
  • give a woman full satisfaction from sex;
  • diversify your sex life.

There are different nozzles for penis enlargement:

  • elongation (usually closed type, used as a condom, increase from 2 to 10 cm);
  • thickening (usually open, can be of various shapes: a spiral, a bracelet, a mesh in the form of a cylinder, short, like an erection ring, etc. );
  • combined (increase the size of the penis both in length and width).
closed penis extension

These sex toys can have different surface (eg pimples, ribs, antennae, spikes, etc. ), color and material (the most realistic is cyberskin).

Sometimes the penis is enlarged with a clamp. This device is attached to the base of the penis and prevents the outflow of blood from the organ, thus gradually increasing the width of the phallus.


The extender is a kind of penis stretcher. It enlarges the organ by mechanical stretching of the tissues. Over time, the skin and muscles of the penis stretch, regeneration processes begin, the cellular composition is updated, and the phallus gradually increases.

The devices come in different types (loop, strap, vacuum, and vacuum-adhesive), all of which have a similar design:

  1. Two rings that are fixed at the head and at the base of the penis.
  2. Two rods between the rings, which change their length with the help of an adjustment unit.

Judging by the reviews on the Internet, these devices help to achieve good results - 1-2 cm in length for 1 month of use. In addition to penis enlargement, these devices are widely used to eliminate the curvature of the phallus, as well as to stretch the penis after ligamentotomy.

The effect will be noticeable if you use such a stretcher for at least 6 hours a day. At the beginning of classes, you can do 3 sets of 2 hours a day. When the penile tissues adapt to the load, gradually shorten the interval between sets and increase the time of continuous use.

Extensor that enlarges the penis due to mechanical stretching of the tissues


Jelqing is an intense self-massage (comparable to masturbation or milking) that increases pressure on the penis, stimulates blood flow and tissue growth. It is done in order to increase the length and width of the head and trunk of the penis. Also, this technique helps to increase sexual stamina and learn to control ejaculation.

There is dry and wet jelqing. The latter involves the use of lubricant, special oil or petroleum jelly. The principle of operation of this technique is to intensely and repeatedly pull the penis with two fingers (index and thumb) from the base to the head. The hardness of the penis should be about 70%.

At the beginning of the classes, it is recommended to exercise daily for 10 minutes, then increase the time and intensity of them.

Loaded Stretch

Hanging a load to enlarge the penis should only be started if a man has been practicing various exercises that affect the size of the penis for more than six months. The tissues and muscles of the phallus are not prepared at the beginning of classes, and such an intense load can be harmful. The consequences can be disastrous: damage to the integrity of the blood vessels, impaired blood flow, numbness, decreased sensitivity and erection.

Principle of operation: a fastening (for example, a hanger) is fixed on the phallus, on which a load is suspended. It is recommended to start with a small mass - no more than 1-2 kg, the time interval of classes is 15-30 minutes. You need to do several of these exercises per day. The break between them should not be less than 10 minutes. The position of the body in this case can be: sitting or standing.

A device for hanging a load from the penis to increase it.

As in the case of the extender, exercises, pump and hydropump, stretching the penis with a weight will be effective if you exercise regularly with a gradual increase in load. Therefore, when the tissues and muscles of the penis adapt (usually this happens after a month of training), you can increase the weight to 3 kg and the time to 40-50 minutes in one go.

This is quite an extreme method of penis enlargement. It gives its results even when the extender, exercises, pumps no longer cause penis growth, despite all efforts.

Increase with the help of folk remedies.

To enlarge the penis, men use folk remedies. The most effective recipes for external use:

  • Spa;
  • lotions;
  • compresses

For lotions, it is recommended to use aloe juice with honey. This combination of ingredients has an antibacterial, regenerating, stimulating and immunomodulatory effect. This recipe can be used not only to increase potency, but also for the complex treatment of various inflammatory diseases of the genital organs. To cook, squeeze 1 tablespoon of the plant. yojugo and mix it with 1 tbsp. yomiel. Apply the composition to a small piece of gauze or cotton cloth and apply it to the penis for 10 minutes.

For compresses, it is recommended to use nicotinic acid with ginger oil. The first is a group of water-soluble PP vitamins. It has a vasodilator effect, thus improving blood flow in the tissues. In addition, it has hepatoprotective and detoxifying effects. In combination with ginger oil, it improves potency and prevents various urological diseases. For the preparation, open an ampoule with nicotinic acid and mix with 20 drops of oil. Apply the composition to the fabric, wrap the genitals and leave it for 2 hours. Then rinse well.

Baths can be carried out with the help of herbs and plants (ginseng, thyme, ginkgo biloba, Peruvian maca), a few drops of iodine (for disinfection and infection prevention). The ingredients must be mixed and added to hot water. After 10-15 minutes, take a bath with the prepared infusion.


Heating massage for penis enlargement is a good addition to all the above methods. It can be used after exercises, using stretching apparatus, mouthpieces to relax the muscles and tissues of the body.

It is recommended to pre-prepare the phallus. First you need to bandage the penis with a warm, wet bandage. This will warm the tissues and ensure blood flow. Next, you must apply a lubricant to the skin of the penis, distribute it and proceed to the actual massage technique.

Hold the genitals with your hands and make gentle, circular movements. When the penis is in a fully erect state, squeeze the penis with two fingers at the base and hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Then you need to pull the skin of the penis to the head, hold for 5 seconds. Then lower your fingers to the pubis, stretch the skin as much as possible, hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 10 times. You can add bending, torsion, and drag elements of a member in different directions.

After an intense exercise, complete the session with a relaxing massage - caressing movements until artificial ejaculation.

Products to enlarge the penis

To ensure optimal conditions for normal penis growth, it is recommended to eat well. Some products have a positive effect on the size and erection of the penis. These include:

  1. Vegetable and animal proteins (beans, lentils, seeds, nuts, lean meats, eggs, dairy, etc. ).
  2. Seafood. They are rich in polyunsaturated fats, vitamins of group B, PP, C, microelements. Due to the large number of valuable substances, these products are the key to good health and have a positive effect on potency. Among the most useful: oysters, scallops, shrimp, squid, crabs, sea fish.
  3. Vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, white cabbage, carrots, beets, Brussels sprouts.
  4. Greens: dill, parsley, celery, onion.
  5. Cereals: oatmeal, buckwheat, barley.
  6. Bee products.
  7. Fruits: kiwi, banana, mango, avocado.

The menu must be varied. The more healthy food there is in the diet (with proper heat treatment: boiling, steaming, stewing, baking), the more the body will receive the necessary substances for normal penis growth.

Is it possible to increase penis size permanently?

The only method that guarantees long-term results is surgery. Minimally invasive procedures, whether hyaluronic acid injections or lipofilling, require repeat procedures after 6 to 24 months (depending on the volume of filler initially injected and individual patient characteristics).

If penis enlargement has been achieved with the help of exercises, stretching devices or other methods, then the result must be maintained, because. in the future, muscle tissue and skin can return to their previous state.